6 Yoga Poses For Flat Abs

These tummy-tightening yoga poses for flat abs target your core, and will give you a great stomach workout.

It can help you get fabulous abs whether you?re in it just for the ab workout or whether your end goal is to be able to do some of the more advanced poses.

If you have watched yoga videos or attended a few classes, you?ll know that yoga requires a lot of core strength. 

However, do you know the best yoga poses for flat abs??

The thing about these poses is that you don?t have to do a single sit-up or crunch! You don?t need to attend a gym and all you need is your body, a comfortable surface, and perhaps a yoga mat.

Below are 6 yoga poses for flat abs you can start today.

Cat-Cow Yoga Pose

This is a great pose for warming up at the beginning of your workout because it stretches your core.

1. Start down on all fours. Your wrists should be directly under your shoulders and your knees under your hips.

2. As you inhale, arch your back, your shoulders should roll back as you look upward towards the ceiling.

3. Your belly will hug up to the spine as you hold the pose, as you look up.

4. As you exhale, you will reverse the pose. Press your back down towards the floor as you raise your head and look forward.

5. Hold until the next inhalation and then return to the arched position.

Plank Yoga Pose

One of the best yet more challenging yoga positions is the plank.

Don?t be deterred if you can only hold this position for a few seconds, the more you practice and stronger you become, the longer you will be able to hold the pose.

Focus on tightening the core muscles while you?re in this position, and make sure your butt stays in line with the body and doesn?t drop down or raise up below your body line.

1. Start lying on your stomach or in the downward dog pose (That means both your feet and hands are pressing into the floor but your bottom is in the air so your body forms an inverted V-shape).

2. In downward dog, lower your arms to the floor and rest on your elbows then drop your back, so your body forms a straight line balancing on your elbows and toes.

3. If starting from the floor, push up on your elbows with your palms flat in front of you and lift up on your toes. Your neck and spine should form a straight line with your belly just a few inches off the floor.

4. Try to hold for 30 seconds. Work towards holding this position for up to 2 minutes.

The Boat Pose

This common yoga pose for beginners is one of the key yoga poses for flat abs.

Not only will the Boat pose flatten your stomach, but it effectively builds strength in your hips as well as your spine.

What?s more, this popular beginner?s yoga pose will energize and nourish your internal organs including intestines, kidneys and thyroid gland.

1. Sit firmly on the mat with your legs out in front of you and your hands just slightly behind your hips.

2. Slowly raise your legs up to a 45-degree angle using your arms to help you balance.

Once you feel balanced and steady enough, slowly raise your arms to the outside of the knees.  Bend your knees slightly if you are not yet flexible enough to fully straighten them.

Hold for 30 seconds. Work towards holding this position for a full minute.

Revolved Chair Pose

1. Begin in chair pose, which is a slightly seated position with your legs together, your back slightly leaning forward, and your arms reaching straight outward in line with your head.

2. Slowly reach your right arm down to the outside of the left foot, and reach your left arm straight upward.


Lie face down on the mat with your arms out in front of you.

Slowly lift your arms and legs up at the time, as high as you can comfortably reach and hold the position as long as possible.

Focus on using your core to hold the position rather than your arms and legs.


This pose requires a lot of concentration, strength, and balance.

Rather than focusing on trying to keep your leg balanced and steady, focus more on your core and using the core to keep your body align and balanced. Draw strength from the core, not the legs.

1. Begin with your feet placed firmly on the yoga mat and your arms reaching towards the sky. 

2. Slowly lean forward, keeping your arms raised and raising one leg at the same time.


Yoga provides one of the best programs for all over body strength, but its use of the core tightens your tummy and flattens your abs.

The poses also build stability and balance that you will benefit every move you make no matter what you are doing.

Try these yoga poses for flat abs now.  Even after one session, you should start to feel your tummy becoming tighter and firmer.

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Yoga poses for a flat belly

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