How to Properly Start Your Weight Loss Journey after 45

Losing weight in your 40s may seem impossible. Slimming down after 45 isn?t easy, but it doesn?t have to be that difficult.

At this age, your metabolism and hormonal functions have changed a lot. Your body is very different from a 20-year-old body, and it gets harder to lose weight at this age. 

While you might not have much control over your metabolism and hormonal functions; you can control your weight and maintain by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

So, if you?re someone over 45 and struggling to shed that stubborn weight, I have some helpful tips and techniques for you. In this post, I will give you tips to start your weight loss journey properly after age 45.

How to lose weight when you are over 45

What happens as you get older?

When you get older, you start losing muscle every year, which causes your metabolism to slow down and also causes hormonal changes in the body.

This is because muscles are more active metabolically and they help you lose weight quickly. So, if you aren?t lifting weights to build muscles at this age, you?ll lose muscles and gain fat which will make you look obese. 

The sad thing is that, if gaining weight is in your genes, you?ll start gaining more quickly after 40 or 45. 

Even if you are fortunate enough not to gain much weight, you may have some fat deposits around your waist, which can be very frustrating. 

Some factors significantly affect your body weight, and these are as follows:

  • Hormonal fluctuations such as very low or elevated levels of estrogen can contribute to excess fat in the body. 
  • Many people have trouble sleeping at middle age, and inadequate sleep patterns also lead to weight gain. 
  • As age passes, many people get insulin resistance which can cause more difficulty in losing weight. 
  • Decreased physical activity occurs due to age, and you start losing muscle mass. 

If you aren?t comfortable with your weight, many ways will help you shed your extra pounds and look slim and smart after 45. Only a little effort and knowledge are all that you need to lose weight at this age. 

Best diets to lose weight after 45:

Many diets help in weight loss, but are all of them good for you at this age? Considering your age, you must go for a diet that is healthier and more beneficial for you as compared to others.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of options for diets to choose from. Just remember one thing; what used to work long ago when you were young may no longer work for you today.

Below are the best diets if you want to lose weight after 45:

1.Low carb diet:

Low carb diets work correctly if you’re going to lose weight. The diet helps you lose the extra weight, especially that?s present around your waist.

A low carb diet requires you to stop consuming carbohydrates, especially those foods that are full of trans-fats and sugar.

These include starchy vegetables, highly processed foods, refined grains, and even low-fat products. 

A study suggests that a low carb diet can reduce the accumulation of fat around the middle region, that is, the smaller abdomen area (Gower BA, Goss AM).

The low carb diet has successfully made the middle-aged people lose around 3.7 inches from their waist and approximately 7% body fat in just six months.

However, you must make sure that your carb intake shouldn?t be deficient; otherwise, your body will enter into a starvation state. 

The low carb diet meal plans are available easily on the web. You can go through the detailed posts of low carb diets to improve your health and lose weight.

Just remember that a low carb diet is the one that has high amounts of proteins, fats, and vegetables.?


2.Vegetarian diet:

Vegetarian food is another good option for over 40s to lose weight. Because of its health benefits, the vegetarian diet has gained popularity among fitness geeks.

You just have to cut meat from your diet and include more vegetables. The vegetarian diet will not only help you lose weight but also reduce the risk of chronic diseases. 

There are various types of vegetarian diets, but all of them have one thing in common; they don?t include meat, poultry, and fish.

According to research, vegetarian diets can help you lose saturated fats more quickly as compared to other diets during a period of 2 to 6 months.

One thing to note is that a vegetarian diet is valid only when you abstain from processed foods altogether. If you?re substituting meat for junk and processed foods, then it won?t help you lose weight.?

Some of the most popular vegetarian diets include:






flexitarian diet. 

Some vegan diets differ from each other in the inclusion and exclusion of animal products and eggs too. 


3.The Mediterranean diet:

The Mediterranean diet is known for reducing the risk of diseases such as heart diseases and high blood pressure.

The main aim of this diet is to improve overall health. However, a Mediterranean diet can also be used for losing weight after 45.

According to research done on Mediterranean diets and metabolic syndrome status, men and women aged 55 and older had a significant reduction in fats around the lower abdominal region.

The Mediterranean diet resembles the eating habits of the people living in the Mediterranean region.

The menu includes proper amounts of whole grains and legumes and some amounts of fish and fats. The main foods which this diet includes are:

  • A tasty variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains
  • Few eggs
  • Healthy fats such as olive oil, seeds, and nuts
  • Moderate quantities of fish and dairy
  • Small amounts of red meat and white meat

The American Heart Association states that this diet contains a high number of calories from fats which mostly includes mono-saturated fats.

If you?re thinking to reduce your fat intake, this diet might not be suitable for you. 

Best exercises to lose weight after 45:

As people grow up, they become less active and start gaining weight due to their lethargy.

Exercise is essential after the age of 40 to 45 as it protects your bones and muscles and keeps you healthy. Working out burns fats and calories in your body and builds muscles to improve the metabolism.

Professor of metabolic research, M.D, Louis Aronne, states that a human body is pre-programmed to hold some extra weight. This means that when you start exercising, you start losing those extra pounds. 

Adding a daily 30 minutes exercise plan to your routine will help you a lot. You can start with walking, jogging, or bike riding to make your body fit and build up the intensity. Following are some exercises for you that are suitable at this age for losing weight:

  • High-intensity interval training: This type of training and workouts are designed so that you push your limits and burn calories. You can try metabolic conditioning, Tabata, and interval training. 
  • Circuit training: Circuit training builds your strength and endurance by keeping your heart rate elevated. These exercises allow you to mix up strength and cardio so that your intensity is built. 
  • Aerobic exercises: Aerobic exercises work on the larger muscles of your body, and they benefit a lot if you want to lose weight and improve your cardiovascular system. If you’re going to lose weight fast, try and do 20 or more minutes of aerobic exercises per session. 
  • Weight training: Weight training is a must at this age as you have started to lose muscles. The only way to get back your muscles is to start weight training. 


Additional tips for weight loss:

Here are a few more tips that will be helpful for you to start your weight loss journey after 45:

Healthy Lifestyle

The first tip for you is to change your unhealthy lifestyle. Weight gain mostly results because of an unhealthy and modern lifestyle.

Just consider how much junk food you ate this week and how much hours you spent in front of your TV or computer. 



Get enough sleep as a lack of sleep can make you hungry and send the wrong signals to the brain.

Lack of sleep is also linked to weight gain indirectly.?

Portion Control

Keep an eye on your portion sizes. Portion control can be beneficial for weight loss. Using a smaller Plate or buying a plate that has the portions drawn on can really help keep an eye on what you’re eating.

If you arent sure you can even measure your food. I was shocked when I found out exactly how much 30g of cereal looked like in my bowl!  


Include foods in your diet that are high in soluble fiber such as Brussel sprouts, flaxseeds, broccoli, and avocado. These foods will promote weight loss by reducing your appetite and increasing insulin sensitivity. 

Mindful Eating

5. Practice mindful eating as it helps in improving your relationship with the food and reduce stress too. This way, you?ll end up eating less.?



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