5 Snacks to Avoid When You are Dieting

When trying to lose weight or on a diet, you have to be mindful of the things that you eat in order to maintain good health. Giving in to unhealthy food can jeopardize all the effort you have put in already and will make it hard for you to lose weight in the long run,

Don?t know which snacks to avoid? We have listed down 5 snack culprits that may be detrimental to your diet. Here are 5 snacks to stay away from when you are dieting:

1.Fruit Juice

Avoid drinking fruit juices especially those in cartons because they are loaded with sugar and gives you empty calories.

Also, drinking your required calories can actually boomerang and can increase gain weight. Because they do not make you feel full, you will tend to eat more and gain more calories than necessary.

2. Salads with dressings that are high in fat

A salad is always a great option for a meal but when it is drenched in dressing, it becomes counter-beneficial. Most restaurant and bottled dressings are filled with artificial flavorings, preservatives, and food coloring.

Aside from that, they can also contain high amount of sugar and full-fat cheese which are bad news for someone who is trying to lose weight.

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3. Pizza

Try to stay away from commercial pizza at all cost if you are serious about losing weight, They may taste good and fill your cravings but they are loaded with processed meat, refined flour, and is very high in calories.

4. Potato Chips

We all love potato chips but unfortunately, they do not contain enough nutritional value.

Not only are they bad for your calorie count, they are also high in sodium which is bad for your overall health. Skip the chips the next time you are looking for a snack.

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4. Ice Cream

I know, giving up ice cream is going to be extremely hard but just remember that a bowl of plain vanilla ice cream already contains 271 calories and 28 grams of sugar, and this is among all other unhealthy ingredients it contains.

With no other significant nutritional value, it?s better if you skip ice cream while trying to lose weight.

5. Crackers

It?s so easy to eat too many crackers, wouldn?t you agree? They look like harmless a snack. But since they are thin and small, you have the tendency to eat a lot especially that they do very little to curb your hunger.

However, 10 of these can already give you 163 calories. They also contain fat, carbohydrates, high amount of sodium.

Though it?s okay to give in to our cravings once in a while, you have to keep on looking forward to reaching your end goal. You can?t keep making 3 steps forward only to take 4 steps back just because you dropped your guard down.

Moderation and discipline are keys to a successful diet. Make it a habit to check nutritive value when shopping for snacks so you know which ones are worth buying. Lastly, it is best to see a health expert prior to making drastic changes to your diet to be on the safe side.

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