10 Reasons Why Juicing Works for Weight Loss

Losing weight can be tricky, especially when there are a lot of suggestions, and you can’t get your head around a single solution.

The Internet provides you several ways you can lose weight. Some methods are conventional, and others are unconventional.

However, no matter which way you chose, it is almost impossible to lose weight if you don’t take the right amount of right nutrients. 

Only a few people consider vitamins and minerals while thinking about weight loss.

That is understandable given the misinformation available on different platforms. One of the unconventional ways of losing weight is juicing.

Juices contain all the essential stuff needed to boost your metabolic rate and in turn, help you shed weight and become leaner. 

The concept of losing weight through juicing is quickly getting worldwide recognition just because it WORKS. 

Cast a glance at these ten reasons why juicing is so effective. 

Reasons why juicing works for weight loss. Drinking juice to lose weight

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1. Juicing Allows You to Consume Fewer Calories

Most overweight people fail to make good choices in terms of food. They tend to go for food which is easily accessible rather than considering its nutritional values.

According to health experts, if you choose to drink juice in place of a meal daily, you will be able to cut out a lot of calories from your diet. Is that not what you want? 

Fresh juices are full of nutrients but very low in calories. That means that juices have way fewer calories than those foods which are high in energy density like meat and bread. 

The only difference that you would feel while replacing meals with juices is that you don’t feel as full or as bloated as you would after a heavy meal.

You think that you can still eat something, but that is a good thing. It gives your body the signal that you are running low on calories, and then it starts burning the already stored fat. 

You can start your day with a juice first thing in the morning.

Drinking juice on an empty stomach increases the rate of its digestion and is good for the stomach itself.

You can also replace your evening cravings for chips with fresh juices. 

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2. Nutrients get Easily Absorbed from Juice

Along with many other advantages of juicing. Juice also allows quick absorption of the nutrients into your body. Juices come flooded with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants and zero percent fiber.

The absence of fiber means that the nutrients get quickly absorbed into the body because fiber makes foods a bit harder to digest.

But that doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of fiber altogether. Fiber is necessary for diet even when you want to lose weight. 

It is easy to observe that most of the people do not consume the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables in their diets. Therefore, juices can provide them with the best way to make up for the deficiency. 


3. Juicing allows Your Gut To Repair

The lifestyle of a modern-day human being is disastrous for gut health. All those fast foods and no exercise due to busy schedules affect the gut badly.

Junk food is damaging for the intestines and cause digestive issues in the long run. One of the most severe problems which come with digestion issues is the leaky gut. 

People suffering from leaky gut know precisely how difficult it gets to regain their health. Because whatever they eat leaks without the body absorbing the essential nutrients. 

Juicing can aid this issue by offering all those nutrients in a quick digestible form. Also, juicing lets the body take a break from the regular digestive duties so that the reserve energy can be used in healing rather than digesting.


4. Harmful Foods are Eliminated from the diet

While you are on a juicing diet, the unhealthy food gets eliminated from your diet though temporarily. veIn you bid to lose weight. Processed food, gluten, preservatives, and sugar can be your worst enemies as they can severely affect your progress.

Hence, the juice cleansing provides a great way to avoid all these harmful ingredients and gives your body a much-needed push to start losing weight. 

According to research by The National Institutes of Health, there is a direct link between obesity and processed foods. Not a surprise, though, but it is good to keep reminding. 

The best part of juice cleansing is that you will start feeling the results very soon, and that will serve as a motivation booster for the rest of the weight loss journey. 


5. Juicing Keeps You Hydrated 

Dehydration is one of the most striking issues these days. Many people fail to enough fluids and therefore become a victim of dehydration. And when they drink, they go for rea, coffee or soda which are dehydrating to the body. 

According to the studies, improved hydration results in weight loss and an increase in metabolic rate. 

Drinking enough amount of water is essential for people aspiring to lose weight; however, it can be annoying to drink water all the time. In such a case, juices come as a blessing. Juices are 2 in 1 solution for dehydration as they provide water and taste both. 

Drinking fluids, mainly juices, can help keep boredom away from you. 


6. Juicing curbs Food Cravings

Let’s accept those food cravings are real, especially in the midnight. Given the severity of cravings, it becomes increasingly difficult to avoid them.

Juicing can also help under such circumstances. Juicing helps you fighting with cravings, especially if you add spinach to them. 

The science behind this is that the membranes in the leaves of spinach slow down the digestive course and provides the intestines with ample time to send signals to the brain. 

A study conducted on 60 people regarding spinach juice, and it found that it significantly reduced hunger and cravings among those who drank it. It also made the participants feel full and satisfied. 


7. Juicing Regulates Blood Sugar

Diabetes can occur due to a poor selection of diet, obesity, stress, and other lifestyle-related issues. Nutrients in the vegetables and juices have insulin-like properties, and they can help to keep the blood sugar under control. 

Make sure that carrots, apples, spinach, and cucumbers are a permanent part of your diet because their ingredients are useful for controlling and regulating blood sugar. 

However, those who have diabetes must keep in mind that they should avoid pure fruit juices because fruit can still add sugar to your diet. Therefore, use one fruit juice and mix it in the vegetable juice and you are good to go.


8. Sleep Better with Juicing

Without allowing the body enough time to rest, you are less likely to lose weight. So, when you don’t sleep enough, things get a bit complicated. 

When you do no spend the recommended time on your bed, your body doesn’t get to sufficient time to breakdown all the fat and nutrient. It also fails to generate chemicals which are responsible for burning calories

Therefore, if you do not sleep, chances are you will not lose weight. You can take help from nutrients such as vitamins, folate, and magnesium to help you fall asleep smoothly. 

9. Fantastic benefits for Your Liver 

Juicing is also good for your liver to detoxify your body. Whatever you eat or drink, eventually goes through your liver. Liver ensures that nothing harmful gets absorbed in your body. 

The liver detoxifies and then gives a green signal to the body for absorption. When you eat or drink unhealthy food, the workload of liver increases. Under such circumstances, the liver becomes unable to do its job correctly and thus allows harmful toxins to get into your bloodstream. 

Here, juicing comes to the rescue. Juicing gives the liver a well-deserved break so that it can work better in the longer run. 

10. Vegetable Juices Help Burn More Calories

Last but not least, juicing is very useful for burning calories which is a significant factor in weight loss. However, juices of some specific fruits and veggies are needed for burning calories to lose weight. 

According to a recent study, foods that are low in sugar content and calories count help reduce fat in the body. Juices such as lemon juice, vegetable juice, and chia juice can encourage weight loss in the body. Hence, a controlled diet concentrating on veggies can lift cellular metabolism and fat-burning capability.

As a matter of fact, when you add lemon juice into a veggie juice, you consume only 10 calories. This positive activity works like a charm for the immune system and metabolism. 

Another study suggests that that high amounts of vitamin C in nearly all veggie juices has an all-out fat-burning influence on the body. Therefore, make sure that juices are a permanent part of your healthy diet so that your weight always remains in limits. 






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