10 Ways to Use Meditation for Weight Loss

Before you start dieting for weight loss, there is something else that could help you achieve your goal weight, and that is meditation. 

When it comes to managing your weight and eating well, you must understand that there is a deep connection between the mind and the body.

Meditation is a cost-free and straightforward technique that connects the mind and body and carries you into a calm and peaceful state. 

There are various types of meditation techniques which are being practiced by people for thousands of years. Meditation will not only make you stress-free but also slim you down if done regularly and adequately.

So now that you know that weight loss is much more than just working out and eating, you must go deep into the meditation techniques.

In this post, I?ll introduce the tried and tested ways of meditation that will help you lose weight. Following are the 10 ways to use meditation for weight loss:

A lady using Meditation for weight loss.

1. Do Mindful eating:

Most of the people think that meditation is only used to control the mind and empower it. However, one of the most valuable aspects of meditation is that it helps with weight loss.

Meditation has that ability to make you stay away from food as it unifies the split that is created between the mind and the body. 

The mindful eating technique will help you mend your connections with eating experiences and food. This technique allows you to understand your senses, such as smell and taste, and then use them for intuitive eating.

Mindful eating will enable you to stop binge eating by understanding your hunger cues. In short, the conscious eating technique helps you lose weight by making the right food choices. 

2. Try the Tai Chi Exercises:

Tai Chi exercises are very effective meditation techniques, and they really contribute to weight loss if you do them regularly.

The weight loss program consists of many movements involving physical control, balance and coordination, and regulation of breathing. 

Breathing is one of the main components of tai chi meditation technique, and it allows you to synchronize your movements with breathing.

If you perform the tai chi meditation techniques regularly, it will start working on all of your major muscle groups and make you lose all the extra fat.

Not only this meditation technique helps you lose weight but also provides energy and stamina. 

3. Follow the Chopra Meditation technique:

This meditation technique is proposed by Deepak Chopra, who?s a holistic health practitioner and author. According to him, the Chopra meditation technique helps you lose weight in just 8 weeks by bringing a good and positive change in your brain. The meditation involves awareness about your body and how you can keep yourself from eating more. 

According to the Chopra meditation technique, you must pay attention to the food you eat and avoid multi-tasking such as watching TV, talking, or reading while you eat.

The method allows you to focus more on the menu and monitor how much you?re eating. Also, it tells you that you should fill your stomach only two-thirds of it for proper digestion. 

4. Use the emotional eating technique:

Emotional eating occurs when people overeat because of strong feelings or emotions. This happens when people stop responding to their hunger cues and eat according to their feelings attached to the food.

These strong emotions can overpower your physical sensations of satiation and fullness, and the result is overeating. 

Using the emotional eating technique, you will be using food as a ?coping mechanism.? This way, you?ll be able to nullify your strong emotions for the food momentarily.

When you don?t have feelings attached to your diet, you?ll only listen to your hunger cues and stop eating when full. 

5.Practice Intuitive eating:

Intuitive eating is a non-diet approach and is more related to the connection between the mind and the body. The intuitive eating technique stops you from dieting and allows you to listen to your physical cues.

This approach was introduced as a meditation technique that helps you heal from the harmful effects of extreme dieting. 

An intuitive eater is someone who eats entirely without any guilt and enjoys the perks of eating. Intuitive eating is different from mindful eating, and it involves honoring your hunger, rejecting the diet mentality, making peace with the food, and feeling your fullness.

The good thing about this technique is that you quickly start coping with your emotions without using the menu and start losing weight in a positive way. 

6. Don?t focus too much on weight loss:

Many people who have been restricting their food and diet for a great feel that meditation may make them gain weight. However, meditation is a very successful and effective technique that allows the meditator to lose weight quickly.

While you meditate, you don?t have to focus too much on weight loss. Meditation itself will enable you to have control over your body so that you make the right fitness choices.

Once you start meditating, you?ll start noticing the changes in your body in a positive direction. 

7. Use a mantra for weight loss:

A mantra is a phrase or word that you keep on repeating to help you stay focused while you meditate. This word or phrase brings your focus back if your mind starts wandering here and there.

Libshtein says that a mantra can allow you to have something to focus on while you meditate. Using a mantra can help you stay focused while you meditate, and this will also help you perform those exercises you have chosen for weight loss. 

If you don?t feel right, it isn?t necessary to use a mantra, but it is always helpful to bring you back to the center. Experts suggest that you should use mantra and repeat it to yourself while you inhale and exhale during meditation.

Meditation won?t make you lose weight all of a sudden, but only some days of practice will make a big difference. 

8. Perform mind training meditation:

If you feel a little bit lost on your own, you must try the various websites, podcasts, phone apps, recordings, and videos present over the internet for meditation. Go and visit Libshtein?s websites which offer services to the people who are looking for mind training for meditation. 

Some of the meditation exercises are created with a goal to lose weight, and you must go for those exercises only. Mind training meditation techniques are used as healthy and prosperous approaches to weight management.

These types of meditation techniques can be beneficial for you if you?re planning to lose weight. To start meditation for weight loss, you must first make sure that you have a quiet place to use for 10 minutes at least.

Once you have chosen a place for you to sit or lie comfortably, you can start focusing on the mind training meditation for weight loss. 

9. Follow the Loving Kindness or compassionate meditation:

Loving-kindness or compassionate meditation can quickly transform your life and help you in weight loss.

This meditation technique allows you to be more discreet towards dietary indiscretions. You don?t have to be too hard on yourself, and if you eat something which you haven?t planned to eat, it doesn?t reflect your personality. 

If you want to eat something, understand your feelings, and don?t ignore them. All you have to do is to notice those feelings.

You must remember that eating higher calorie foods is a part of human nature and experience.

If you are more compassionate to yourself, you?ll decrease the chances of overeating, and in turn, you?ll avoid that unnecessary weight gain too. 

10. Follow your breath for reducing stress:

Weight gain is related to stress, and if you start working on your stress-related issues, you?ll start losing weight. All you have to do is to be patient because you aren?t going to lose weight in one night.

Libshtein suggests that you can follow your breath to reduce stress, and this can contribute to your weight loss regime.

Try taking four counts while you inhale and 8 counts while you exhale. Meditation is all about reducing stress from your mind and body, which in turn prepares your body for weight loss.

While you meditate and follow your breath, try and increase your counts every time. Remember that lengthening exhales will help you calm down and reduce stress.

Also, don?t be worried if you take the time to reach the eight counts. 

Bottom Line:

Meditation gives you the chance to consider your mind and body requirements and ponder over all the factors that make you overeat.

Meditation techniques will also help you understand why you avoid exercises and workout or any other problems at hand that stop you from losing weight. 

While you meditate, you think about all the issues at hand in a peaceful condition, and this way you come up with a solution to change your habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Daily meditation can help you improve your relationship with your body, food, mind, and movements and help you lose weight in a more robust and less-guilty way. 


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