How to get flat abs in 10 steps

Losing belly fat doesn?t happen overnight. It takes a lot of strong commitment and a healthy lifestyle to accompany it. Although, major changes are able to happen in just a week!

You should follow a workout plan and have a proper diet and I?m here to give you a proper workout plan that you will find easy to stick to.

Workouts to get Flat Abs fast!

Causes of belly fat

Belly fat can be deadly, and can create risks of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, cancer, diabetes and even in severe cases death.

It can be difficult to get rid of belly fat, but a healthy diet and the proper exercises can help towards getting rid of stubborn fat.

To ensure that you?re going down the right path with healthy eating, you must avoid eating a lot of carbs and saturated fats.

Instead, more vegetables, polyunsaturated fats, whole grains, lean protein, fruits should be included in your diet.

Exercise burns down calories and boosts your metabolism, so it is important for weight loss.

There are some specific flat stomach exercises that can target belly fat which I have included in this article.

There are many factors that aid towards belly fat, such as:


As you grow older, it is more likely that your body holds onto fat content more.

This is due to your body beginning to lose muscle mass which causes all of the excess calories to get stored in your belly.

Hormonal changes

Hormone changes can be a factor of gaining belly fat. If you?re a woman and your estrogen levels drop due to the menopause this can cause fat to get stored in your belly.

Lack of exercise

You might be consuming a lot of calories during the day and not involving yourself in any exercise or activities, which will cause fat store up in your belly area.

If you involve basic cardio activities such as running, walking or cycling into your daily routine, it can go a long way to lose calories.

Poor sleeping habits

If you struggle to get into a good sleeping habit at night, and you find yourself waking quite a lot, this can aid in gaining belly fat. You are more likely to gain if you don?t get enough sleep.


Stress causes your body to create excess cortisol and is a major cause of excess belly fat. This hormone makes your body to store excess calories in the belly area as fat.

Poor diet

One of the most common causes of excess belly fat is a bad diet. If you?re someone who drinks lots of sugary drinks and indulges throughout the day into night, you?re more likely going to gain belly fat.

Now that you?re aware of the causes of belly fat, let?s take a look at the solutions.


Flat stomach exercises to lose belly fat in 3 steps

1. Bicycle exercise

Not only does cycling improve your endurance, strength and cardio capacity, but it is also very effective for shredding excess belly fat and building lean body mass.

Even though this exercise states the word bicycle, you don?t actually need one to complete this workout.

Simply lie flat on the ground with your hands behind or on either side of your head.

Lift your legs at a 90-degree angle and pull your left knee very close to your chest while keeping your right leg out.

As you next bring your right knee up close to your chest, lower your left leg out.

Rotate your legs as if you were riding a bicycle and repeat this process 10 times for each leg.

For quick results, do this exercise 4 times per week.

2. Crunches for abs

This is definitely one of the most common ab exercises around and they help to burn off excess fat in your belly and tone your abs.

Lie on the ground in a triangle position and bend your knees slightly.

Place your feet on the ground at hip-width apart and keep your arms behind your head or cross them over your chest.

Tighten the muscles in your stomach region and raise your upper back and head off the ground using your abs, exhale while you do this.

For about 5 seconds, remain in this position.

Inhale and return to your starting position.

Repeat 10 times to complete a whole set.

For a major reduction in belly fat within just a week, perform 5 sets every day.

3. Hip lifts

This exercise builds your core and helps to tone your lower belly muscles. It is mostly used in Pilates.

Keep hold hands by your side and lower yourself to the ground. Your palms should be facing down.

Place your legs together and lift them towards the ceiling until it forms a 90-degree angle with your body.

Your shoulders and head should be kept on the ground through the course of this exercise.

Inhale deeply and tighten your abs, and as you lift and curl your hips towards your ribs, exhale and ensure that your legs are straight.

As you lower your hips slowly, inhale.

Repeat this process at least 10 times and repeat every day for quick results.


4. Leg circles

This exercise is brilliant for toning your thighs and hips and stretching and contracting your abs.

Keep your hands by your side and lie on the ground, your feet and toes should also be pointed forward.

Lift your leg so it is at a 90-degree angle and your toes are pointed towards the ceiling. Remain in that position for a minute.

Starting from your hips, are if you were drawing a circle, rotate your left leg.

As you begin each circle, inhale deeply and exhale as it comes to an end.

Perform 6 circles and then reverse the direction.

Do a minimum of 10 sets every day.

5. Leg drops

Your abs will be strengthened with this exercise and it is effective in getting rid of stubborn belly fat.

Ensure your lower back is lying flat on the ground during the entire duration of this exercise.

As you raise your legs at a 90-degree angle, inhale deeply and exhale as you slowly lower your legs back down using your abs.

Repeat this exercise for a minimum of 10 times and do it every day to burn excess belly fat.

6. The plank

This exercise strengthens your core and works on your abs so will help to build your stomach muscles and strengthen your arms and legs.

Lie on your belly and lift your upper body with your arms, placing the weight on your knees and forearms.

Lift your knees one by one and shift your body weight to your toes.

As you hold this position for about 45 minutes, include deeply.

When returning to the starting position, exhale.

Repeat 3 times every day for fast results.

    7. Chair pose

    Your abs will be tones and strengthened during this exercise, along with your heart being stimulated and your arms and leg muscle being worked.

    Stand upright and straight with your legs hip-width apart.

    Raise your hands over your head slowly while inhaling.

    Bend forward until your body forms a 45-degree angle and exhale.

    Bend your knees slightly like you?re sitting on an actual chair and hold this position for one minute while looking straight ahead and ensuring to continue taking deep breaths.

    As you stand up straight, inhale deeply and exhale as you release your hands back to your side.

    Repeat 10 times to complete one rep and do this every day.

    8. Dumbbell squats

    Not only is this exercise effective in shredding excess body fat, but it also helps strengthening and toning your hips, thighs, lower back and buttocks muscles.

    Place your legs on the ground shoulder-width apart.

    Hold 2 equal sized dumbbell in each hand and shift your hips backwards as if you want to sit on a chair.

    Stretch your arms out and squat, ensuring that your chest is far above your hips.

    Return to your starting position and repeat this about 10 times before gradually increasing to 20 times.

    For a flat stomach, do this every day.

    9. Flutter kicks

    This is also another popular flat stomach exercise and if you really want toned thighs and hips, you should definitely try this exercise.

    Lie flat on the floor and place your hands behind your head, keeping your shoulders and head slightly off the floor.

    Your legs should be placed together, straightened and extended outwards.

    Lift your legs off the floor and tighten your abdomen muscles.

    You can start doing the flutter kicks by raising on of your legs a few inches off the floor and returning back to the starting position. Bring your right leg up as your left leg goes down.

    Do this until you get tired.

    When you get tired, go on a break and repeat the process again, doing about 10 reps,

    Repeat every day.

    10. Mountain climber

    This is effective for reducing belly fat by toning your back, abs, arms and legs.

    Your palms should be placed on the ground at shoulder-length apart.

    You should lift your body until it is in a straight line and then shift your body weight onto your toes.

    Bring your left knee towards your chest and then return to the initial position, repeat again with your right knee.

    Alternate between your left and right knee.

    Do this every day for 10 minutes.

    If you exercise regularly, you are inevitably going to lose belly fat.

    You should combine the above exercises with a healthy diet for quick results.

    Also, engaging in simple cardio workouts such as climbing steps, jogging, running, swimming, dancing and cycling, then your body and eyes will definitely appreciate the results.


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