15 fat burning workouts in under 15 minutes

I am a very busy person, and it always seemed so difficult for me to get a workout in. When I wasn?t exercising, I was over-eating and piling on the pounds. Which would then result in me feeling awful about myself and my body.

I am now able to grab more time to exercise, and it isn?t killer workouts that leave me wanting to hibernate to bed for a few hours. They are workouts that are controllable and not time consuming.

During my transition from chronic snacker to hottie, I have learned some amazingly quick and effective moves which have helped me to burn some fat and get my heart rate going. It?s even better if you?re busy like I am and only sometimes have just 15 minutes to spare.

I have included a few 15-minute fat burning exercises as not everyone is at the same pace. You might find the perfect workout for you.

Fat Burning Workouts in under 15 minutes to help you tone up and lose weight

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The 15-minute runner worker

Start with the first exercise, ensuring that you do the prescribed number of reps. Once completion of the first set, rest for 15 seconds; repeat the pattern for 3 minutes. Do the same for the second and third exercises after you?ve had a 30 second rest. Once you?ve rested, again, finish with the fourth exercise.

1. Plymoetric Jump Squat (15 reps)

This exercise targets your thighs, butt, legs and hips.

Simply stand with your feet shoulder width apart and keep your knees slightly bent.

Descend into a full squat position and once at the bottom of your squat, extend your legs straight back up bringing your knees towards your chest while in mid-air.

Your thighs should touch your torso when you?re at the top of the jump. Control your landing by releasing your legs and going through your foot (toes, ball, arches, heel).

Once you?ve landed, immediately repeat the next jump.

2. Mountain Climber (15 reps)

This exercise is specifically useful for building stamina, burning calories and strengthening your core. If they are performed at a rapid pace, they have the benefit of being a form of cardiovascular training.

To do this exercise, you should place your body in the plank position by putting your hands and knees on the ground and extending your legs out behind you.

You should lift your one foot up (either or) and bend your knee to bring it up to your chest. If you can, try to touch the top of your thigh to your chest.

Repeat the same action with your other knee and continue to alternate the movement with both knees.

3. Legs Down (15 reps)

If you?re looking for a six-pack, or toned stomach, then this is the workout best for you! You should be lying down on the floor with your arms at your sides and your legs next to each other stretched out.

Then, raise both legs. Don?t worry too much if you can?t hold them perfectly rigid, just keep them as straight as possible.

Lift them until they point to the ceiling and make sure your toes are pointed.

Lower your legs back down so they?re straight, ensuring that the pace you brought them up, is the same as lowering them.

4. Rotating Plank

This is a hardcore move, but it is great for your abs and obliques.

Begin in a low plank and lift your right hand up, rotating onto your side so you?re in a side plank with your feet slightly turned.

Simply hold for 3 seconds and return the position to the center. Repeat for the other side.

Do 4 sets of 10 rotations. So, 5 planks on each side.

The 15-minute toned core workout

For these workouts, you will need to invest in an exercise ball and some kettlebells or weights. You can get an exercise ball HERE, kettlebells HERE and other weights HERE. They are definitely worth it. Especially when toning your core.

You might feel burning sensations in your abdomen while doing these, but don?t worry, that?s normal and shows that it?s working!

1. Kettlebell windmill (8 reps each side)

This exercise will help you to improve your flexibility, mobility and strength.

You should begin this exercise by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and turn them so they?re 45 degrees in the same direction you?ll bend in.

Whatever you?re using as a weight, either a kettlebell, sandbell, or dumbbell, you should put it over your head in the hand in the opposite direction that your feet have turned.

You should keep your arm locked with the weight above you and the other arm should be hung down towards your feet. Push out your hips in the same direction and look up at the weight and fold forward until you tough your feet with the hanging arm.

2. Swiss-ball Jackknife (10 reps)

This exercise is aimed to help improve your abdominal muscles and hip flexibility.

Use your exercise ball to help you get into a push-up position with your hands flat on the ground at shoulder-width apart with your shins resting on the ball.

Form a straight line and roll the ball inwards with your legs bent and your feet pulled in until your thighs are touching your stomach.

Roll the ball back and repeat.

3. Unsupported one-arm row (8 reps each side)

The target for this exercise is your ?six-pack? and obliques.

You should hold the kettlebell in your right hand and your left hand should be placed on your lower back. Ensure you?re standing with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Keep your back flat and your knees slightly bent with your torso being almost parallel to the floor.

Your right arm should be hung from the shoulder. Without moving your torso, pull the weight to the side of your chest.

Pause for a few seconds and lower the weight back to the beginning.

4. Rolling side plank (alternate sides for 45 seconds)

The core target of this exercise is rectus abdominis, obliques and transverse abdominis.

Begin in the plank position with your forearms on the ground and legs extended behind you.

Roll onto your left forearm with your torso rotated to the side and stack your right foot on top of your left in the left side plank.

Hold for a couple of seconds and return to the beginning. Repeat on the other side after one second.

Alternate for 45 seconds.

The 15-minute badass weight workout

1. Squat flip (20 reps)

This exercise helps with strengthening your core and legs.

Your legs should be slightly further than hip-width apart and the kettlebell should be held with both hands above your right shoulder.

Lower into a squat with your hips pushed back.

Push through your heels in one motion and stand while straightening your arms to raise the weight over your head.

Repeat the squat again as you lower the weight to your left shoulder.

2. Lateral lunge and pass (Alternate for 20 reps)

The weight should be held in your right hand at shoulder height with your elbow bent.

Step to the left and sit back into a side lunge. The weight should be passed under your left knee with your left hand ready to grab it.

Press your left heel and release your right hand as you return to standing position and raise the weight to your left shoulder.

Alternate for 20 reps.

3. Push press

The exercise will develop your upper-body strength and condition your rotator cuff along with your abs.

You should begin with the weight in the rack position and ensure that your elbow is tucked in to your chest.

Press the weight directly up over your head and then lower the weight again by reversing the bell path and repeat the move.

4. Side plank row

The target for this exercise is your upper back, obliques and core.

You will need a resistance band for this exercise.

To the low pulley of the cable station, attach and handle and lie on your side, ensuring that you?re facing the stack. With your top hand grab the handle.

Raise your body up into a side plank with your knees straight and your upper body propped onto your elbow and forearm. Keep your hips pushed up and forward and pull the handle to your rib cage.

Extend your arms slowly, resisting the urge to rotate at the hips or shoulders the entire time.

The 15-minute total body workout

1. Split squat (do 5 reps each side)

This exercise really tests out your abs and is great for swapping out standard squats if you?re bored.

Perform a lunge but taking a long step forward from standing position. Raise the heel of the back of your foot and keep your torso straight, lowering it slowly until the back of your knee almost touches the floor. Then, push back up.

Complete 5 reps on one leg and then switch to the other.

Keep your knees in line with your toes and ensure that your knee don?t stray past your foot as you lower.

2. Incline pushup (do as many reps as you can)

This exercise targets your chest and shoulders.

Face the edge of the bed, table or bench and place your hands on the edge just slightly wider than shoulder-width.

Your arms should be straight but elbows unlocked. Make sure your arms and body are completely straight by aligning your feet.

Slowly lower your chest to the edge of the bench which inhaling and bend your elbows.

Your body should be pushed away from the bend until your elbows are extended but remain unlocked. As you push up, exhale.

3. Lat pull-down (do 5 reps)

Your upper body strength will increase, as well as muscle building and fat burning.

You will need to invest in a pull-down machine HERE, or go to the gym for this exercise.

Adjust the pad so it?s comfortable for you and sits nicely on your thighs so you have minimal movement.

With a wide grip, grasp the bar and look forward with your torso in the upright position.

Pull the bar down in front of you so it?s at your upper chest and retract your shoulder blades.

At the bottom of the move, squeeze your lats, resisting the temptation to lean back.

4.Tricep dips (do as many as you can)

Your triceps will be toned if you do this exercise regularly.

Lie down in front of a low bench or something similar, like a chair.

Sit with your back against it, and bring your arms up so your hands are on the edge of the bench. You should be placed in an upside-down plank position, so your legs should be fully extended out and your arms take the full weight of your body.

Inhale and slowly lower your body down. Ensure that your torso remains upright and your elbows are close to your body.

There should be at a 90-degree angle between your upper arm and forearm.

Push your torso back up by using your triceps and exhale as you do this.

Repeat as many times as you can.

Even though a lot of these exercises seem like more toning than fat burning, as you?re toning, you’re


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