Reasons why your FAD Diet isn?t working

Do you feel that you can?t lose weight no matter what you do? It is so frustrating as you?ve tried everything such as hitting the gym and following a diet plan but still seeing no results!?

A FAD (Food Availability Decline) is a diet that has been designed to promote weight loss. Fad diets are considered the best quick option for losing weight as they eliminate certain foods from your diet completely and focus on some foods only.

These diets are quite popular among those who want to stay smart and slender. However, sometimes in spite of following a Fad diet, you don?t lose weight, and it doesn?t work at all. 

So, did you choose the wrong Fad diet? Are you meant to be obese in spite of trying? Not, because I?m here to tell you what?s going wrong with your weight loss regime.

After reading this post, you?ll be able to follow your favorite fad diet in the right way. Following are the biggest reasons why your Fad diet isn?t working:

Reasons why your Fad diet isnt working.

1. Following a diet that worked for a friend:

The fact that most people ignore is that everyone?s body is different. So, even if your friend is 100% sure that her diet is the best way to lose weight, don?t believe it because it might not work for you.

Different diets work for different people, and you must first understand your body and its functions before choosing a diet.?

This can be quite surprising for you as you have been following the same diet as your friend is and he/she has lost 4 pounds easily while you have gained 2.

Though most of the fad diets have been proven successful, still you need to work upon them to know which one is the best suited for you.

According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Fad diets such as the low-fat, low-carb, and Mediterranean ones are quite effective for weight loss. 

2. Not sticking to the diet plan for long enough:

Are you one of those who want quick results? If yes, then this might be your issue because you?re too quick to judge your fad diet. So, let?s say you tried an ?ABC diet? for a few weeks and you lost some pounds.

However, the next week you couldn?t lose any pound in spite of following the diet plan so rigorously. And your weight remains the same even after trying so much. 

This is the time when most of the people start losing hope instead of weight. To be honest, there is no fad diet that can make you lose weight all of a sudden.

Weight loss is a long process, and if you want genuine results, you must stick to it for a long time. You must remember that you didn?t gain all this weight overnight and thus you won?t lose it at once either. 

3. Working out and exercising:

It is a fact that Fad diets are so effective that sometimes they can make you lose weight alone. However, if you aren?t losing weight while you?re on a Fad diet, you must consider exercising.

If you?re doing only the dieting thing for weight loss, the sad thing is that you?re slowing down your metabolism. If you?re lying on your couch all day, your basal metabolic rate will slow down, and eventually, your fad diet won?t work for you as you won?t burn many calories. 

Also, when you?re only dieting and not exercising, you?ll burn some calories, but you?ll also lose the muscle mass along with fats. You must remember that muscle mass is the key to metabolism; the muscle loss in the body will slow down your metabolism further.

According to a study done on 10,500 healthy men, it was revealed that strength training made them lose a lot of belly fat and overall weight over a period of 12 years (Harvard School of Public Health Study). So, strength training is the main factor that you must be missing and if you want to lose weight, start picking up weights. 

4. Consuming too much sugar and processed foods:

You must be on a diet, but sometimes you give up because of your craving and end up consuming processed carbs and too much sugar. This makes your weight loss challenging, and even if you have restricted your calories through a fad diet, it won?t work for you. 

Dr. Gillespie states that when you eat foods that are high in processed carbs and sugar, your blood sugar rises and increases the level of insulin. Your brain then directs all the blood sugar to the fat reserves in the body, and this way, the level of blood sugar drops again.

You start feeling hungry and then crave for more. If you want your Fad diet to work properly, avoid drinking soda and other foods that don?t satisfy your appetite and make you gain weight. 


5. Eating too few calories:

This point will surprise you but let me tell you that too much calorie restriction can also make your diet plan useless. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories daily, and if you are not consuming enough calories, it will counter-effect your plan.

According to the U.S Department of Agriculture Guidelines, on average, men need around 2200 to 2800 calories per day while women need 1600 to 2000 calories per day. 

If you?re consuming fewer than 1200 to 1400 calories, that means you?re slowing down your metabolism in the body and also making yourself nutrient-deficient. In this situation, your body starts holding down the fats and sugar in the body instead of burning them.

Also, you won?t be having any fuel to carry on the biological processes in the body. Thus, your fad diet won?t work for you because the fat in the body will stay wherever it is. 

6. Not getting enough sleep:

Many people ignore this but getting enough sleep is really very important if you want to lose weight. Even if you?re too busy and over-crowded by chores, you must take enough sleep as this might be another factor that is causing trouble to your weight loss plan. According to Dr. Gillespie, when people don?t get enough sleep, they start consuming more calories in a day. 

Dr. Gillespie further explains that sleep restrictions can raise the level of a hormone known as ghrelin (which increases the appetite), and lowers the level of the hormone leptin (which keeps you full).

Getting quality sleep is an important factor as it contributes to your mental and physical health both. Many studies have proved that poor sleep is one of the greatest risk factors for obesity. 

7. Setting unachievable goals:

Trust me; it isn?t necessary to look like Naomi Campbell or Olga Sherer (both skinny and beautiful models), because everyone?s body is different. Sometimes you?ve set an unachievable goal for you, and that is troubling you in following your Fad diet properly. 

Dr. Arya Sharma, the Chairman for Cardiovascular Obesity Research and Management at the University of Alberta, states that genetics can play a very important role in weight loss.

He further states that if he takes two people with different genes and allows them to consume the same amount of calories and follow some dietary restrictions, one will lose weight while the other will gain. So, if you are planning to lose weight more than you should, your Fad diet won?t be effective. 

8. Skipping breakfast:

If you eat very less breakfast, you?re making your Fad diet less effective. If your Fad diet isn?t working for your weight loss, this might be another reason. Eating a good amount of breakfast will help you healthy and activity throughout the day and help you lose weight too. 

A study was done in which 94 women were tested in a controlled environment. Half of the group of women was given a heavy breakfast of around 600 calories while the other group was given a small breakfast of 290 calories.

The results were surprising; the group of women who made a larger breakfast shed 40 pounds over a period of 8 months while the other group lost only 10 pounds on an average. 

9. Drinking too much alcohol:

If you want to lose weight, you must get your hands off alcohol. Wine, beer, and other sugary alcoholic beverages are quite high in calories, and they can make you gain weight even when you?re on a Fad diet.

Alcohol contains seven calories per gram which are quite high. Moderate drinking is fine, but if you?re too much into drinking, it can affect your weight loss plan. 

10. Ignoring mindful eating:

Mindful eating is a technique that is now considered as one of the most powerful ones for weight loss. Mindful eating encourages eating without distraction, eating slowly, and enjoying every bite of food.

According to various studies, mindful eating can contribute greatly to weight loss. You must be ignoring this fact, but if your Fad diet isn?t working, you must try the technique.



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