16 Exercises That Burn More Calories Than Running

Running burns roughly 10 calories a minute.

Going for a run is a simple and inexpensive way to work off calories and increase your fitness level ? all you need is a good pair of running shoes and an open road.

Benefits of running include burning calories, reducing stress and boosting endurance.

Pretty good. 

But what if you don?t like running? What can you do instead to get that same or more calorie burn?

There are plenty workouts that rank higher on the fitness charts, including these 16 exercises that burn more calories than running.

1. Jump Rope

exercises that burn more calories than

Remember jumping rope with friends at school. It turns out that jumping rope is also a fun and amazing way to burn a lot of calories that can be an easy workout at home. It gets your heart rate up and improves balance and coordination.

Jump rope is not only just a fun way to lose weight; it helps to strengthen legs, arms and butt and exercises more muscle groups than running.

A moderate session can burn up to a whopping 10 calories a minute.

A 10 minute workout at home a day can burn up to 1,000 calories of fat in a week.

2. Dancing

Dancing is a great way to get your heart rate up, get rid of extra body fat, and build lean muscle.

As people tend to enjoy dancing  there is a high chance that you will be able to stick to it, which is one of the most important predictors in any given exercise routines ability to help you get fit and stay healthy.

Using the right music and at the right intensity a person can burn 400 calories during one hour of dancing.

Whether you twerk as a workout, or salsa dance, Zumba or ballroom dance. Dancing can be a great way to slim down.

3. Burpees

Ah the exercise we all love to hate.

Like running, burpees burn a lot of calories.

That?s because they represent a full-body workout and are considered a high intensity exercise.

Burpees utilize all your muscles giving you a full body workout and will make you use every part of your body from your shoulders all the way down to your feet.

Burpees burn approximately 50% more fat than moderate exercises such as cycling.

Burpees have also been shown to speed up the metabolism, helping the body burn calories over the course of a day even when you?re done.

That means you?ll be burning calories without even doing anything.

4. Walking with a Load

There is no doubt walking is a great way to get fit and healthy. But if you want to lose weight quickly try walking with some extra weight.

It doesn?t need to be anything fancy or expensive you only need to find a strong backpack, fill it, and take a hike.

By hiking uphill with a load at an average walking pace, you can burn up to 450 calories per hour.

Other than being a good cardio workout, it can build up your endurance, and prevent and relieve back pain as well.

5. Trampolining

This fun and addictive way of getting fit is growing in popularity.

Jumping and being in the air makes this exercise extremely enjoyable. .  Whether you?re in a trampoline park or jumping with friends ? you?ll feel less tired and jump for a longer time than if you were running.

Fitness experts estimate that an hour of trampolining burns up to 800 calories.

6. Battle Ropes

exercises that burn more calories than

Have you been at the gym and seen those thick, heavy, bulky ropes lying on the floor and felt a little confused; these are known as battle ropes.

Battle ropes make a great workout as they combine both cardio and resistance training to work out all your muscles.

There are many styles and techniques when it comes to using battle ropes, but whichever you decide to choose you could lose a whopping 11 calories per minute!

7. Indoor Cycling / Spinning

While a leisurely bike ride outside isn?t likely to help you shave off pounds, indoor cycling can.

Research shows that a 45-minute indoor cycling workout can burn up to 350- 600 calories.

Indoor cycling is a low-impact way to get a high-intensity cardio workout. In addition to a heart-pumping cardio workout, cycling works you lower body, especially your glutes and quads.

Spin classes also incorporate a variety of speeds and resistances to suit you and make you lose weight quicker.

Cycling with resistance at a vigorous pace can burn up to 13 calories a minute.

8. Kickboxing

Kick and punch your weight away with kickboxing.

You?ll also blast more than 600 calories by kickboxing for an hour.

Kickboxing works both your cardio fitness and strength, giving you more upper body definition than running.

Toned arms, taut abs ? who doesn?t want that?

9. Swimming

Studies show that swimming burns more calories than running. An hour of doing breaststroke can easily burn 600 calories.

Do the butterfly stroke and you?ll log another 10 per cent more calorie burn.

Swimming is a low-impact exercise so is great for  those with joint pain or injuries that would like to exercise and lose weight. And you probably won?t feel as exhausted compared to running.

Although you are working hard, Being in the water relaxes your muscles, so your body doesn?t feel as much stress as if you was running.

10. Rock climbing

Many people do not know that this sport is so effective at burning calories (at least 660 calories an hour) and sculpting muscles at the same time.

Your whole body ? from head to toe ? needs to be activated to help you scale the rock.

Climbing trains your focus, determination and problem-solving skills too, all of which will benefit you in other parts of life.

11. Inline skating / Rollerblading

It may look effortless, but inline skating (also called rollerblading) requires a lot of strength and coordination, particularly in the lower body.

While inline skating, you have to constantly push your legs to the side, so your inner thighs and outer glutes need to work extra hard to stabilize.

You can Expect to blast more than 700 calories an hour.

12. HIIT

There?s a reason why HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts are so popular.

They are usually done in 30 minutes ? or 45 minutes bursts.

These workouts are designed to be intense leaving you sore all over. The idea is to go hard and fast while exercising in fixed intervals, with minimal rest in between sets so your muscles are close to fatigue.

HIIT exercises usually comprise of moves like burpees, high knees and jump lunges

What make HIIT even more great?

For all that effort, your body will continue to burn more calories at rest for hours after..

13. Fat Tyre Biking (FTB). 

This new winter sport scorches 1,500 calories an hour!

Designed to make easy work of winter terrain, fat tyre biking certainly won?t go easy on that lower belly pooch.

The key is in the extra resistance provided by the bike?s over-sized, chunky tires.

However, you don?t need Arctic conditions to enjoy melting off the pounds.  Because these bikes are just as good at home on tarmac as they are in snow.

Reality check: That kind of calorie burn depends on your fitness and strength levels, and your skill. But regardless, it?s sure to be one hell of workout.

14. Kettlebell Workouts

exercises that burn more calories than running

There is a reason why so many people love kettlebell workouts. In just 20 minutes, the typical person burns 400 calories!

This explosive cardio exercise works the big, powerful muscles around your glutes and quads,

That?s a whopping 20 calories per minute, more than twice that of running!

The kettlebell swing works you so hard because it?s not a movement you?re used to

But before you start swinging, be sure to check your form with a personal trainer or kettlebell instructor.

Not only will you avoid injury, you?ll maximize your fat burn.

15. Strength Training

Strength training is a great way to blast fat and gain muscle mass, which in turn, boosts your metabolism and allows you to burn even more calories even when you are at rest.

In fact, a regular strength training routine can increase your metabolic rate by 15% or more, according to studies.

Strength training burns twice as many calorie, due to short anaerobic bursts of power, followed by periods of active or passive recovery.

Depending on the intensity of your workout, strength training involving kettlebells, dumbbells or other weights can burn up to 900 to 1,000 calories per hour

16. Indoor Rowing

One of the best high calorie burner?is rowing. It is a resistance exercise that utilizes your entire body.

Three of the biggest muscles areas of your body are engaged including your back, legs, and shoulders. And because you need to utilize the muscles for efficient strokes, it’s a great total-body trainer.

The higher the intensity of the workout, the more you burn. An average 150-pound person can burn 316 calories per half hour of rowing.


Only because you don’t enjoy running doesn’t mean you cant get fit and healthy. There are plenty of fun and unique ways for you to lose weight.

Give these other methods a try and reap the rewards of a workout well done.


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