Do want to burn fat using one simple piece of equipment?

Use the kettlebell.

Kettlebell training has grown in popularity the main idea behind the kettlebell is that exercises demand coordination, skill, and balance involving the whole body, work out best versus traditional, more controlled exercises.

These 11 kettlebell exercises for weight loss are easy to perform and are easy of you are a total beginner.

They’re guaranteed to target stubborn fat, shape your entire body and give you a streamlined and toned appearance.

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What are Kettlebells

Kettlebells are large spherical cast iron weights ranging from 5 lbs to over 100 lbs with a single handle for easy gripping.

A new addition to many gyms, kettlebells originated in Russia have actually been around since the 1700’s.

It is arguably the most versatile piece of weight equipment out there.

You may be thinking why?

There are hundreds of ways to lift, swing, squat, press, push, or pull a kettlebell. Kettlebells offer a different kind of training using dynamic moves targeting almost every aspect of fitness – endurance, strength, balance, agility and cardio endurance. People love it because it’s challenging, efficient and you only need one piece of equipment.

The idea is to hold the kettlebell in one or both hands and go through a variety of exercises like the two arm swing, the snatch, the loaded carry, and the high pull. edit

Benefits of Kettlebells

There are tons of awesome benefits that come from doing kettlebell exercises. Kettlebells are known to improve overall strength, core power, balance, flexibility, and coordination while also melting fat and sculpting healthy and lean muscles.

Because a kettlebell has an off-set center of gravity, usually about 6 to 8 inches away from your grip on the handle, it is harder to control. So, any kettlebell exercises are going to require strict and controlled form and body mechanics.

Here are a few other benefits of including kettlebell exercises into your fitness routine:

Combines Strength and Cardio – Perform ballistic exercises that combine strength, cardio, and flexibility training.

Improves Functional Strength – Targets multiple muscle groups that help with everyday tasks and daily life.

Compact and Portable – Only need one or two to train you entire body and are easy to store away.

Fun and Versatile Workouts – Kettlebell exercises offer a wide range of movements that target every muscle group for a total body workout.

Advantages of Kettlebell exercises

It involves doing an intense cardio session

It doesn’t get boring since it is based on functional strength

It consists of varying movements

All you need is a few kettlebells and none of the fancy exercises apparatus that you need with other workouts

Anybody can do them!

It blasts away fat unlike anything you may have tried before

It’s a combination of strength training and cardio

You’ll skyrocket your metabolism

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The Exercises

Make sure you are warming up and stretching before using some of these explosive and bigger moves, as you don’t want to injure yourself.

Watch the videos to help with proper body mechanics and to perfect each move in order to get the best out of these kettlebell exercises. And of course, enjoy this fun and versatile workout method.

1. Russian Kettlebell Swing

2. Windmill

3. Kettlebell Deadlift



6. Single leg RDL

7. Kettlebell Shoulder Press




Most people quit a new exercise regime because they’re over-zealous and can lead to overtraining and extreme muscle soreness the next day.

If you’ve never used kettlebells before, take it slowly at first.

Note that when you practice your kettlebell exercises, you will not just be banishing fat.  You will also be strengthening your entire body.

And this will all take just a fraction of the time of your usual gym workout 

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