Drinking Water To Lose Weight

Drinking Water LOSE WEIGHTThere are many benefits of drinking water, from helping to accelerate weight loss to healthier and younger looking skin.

Water is one of the most important elements in the human body. It makes up about 60% of our bodies, more or less. Every single cell in your body needs water to function properly.

Unfortunately,?most people are not drinking enough every day.?Until recently, water was the 2nd most popular beverage in the US, behind sugary soft drinks.

Can drinking water help you lose weight??Spoiler alert, YES IT CAN! Keep reading below to find out how?drinking water for weight loss?can help?support your dieting?efforts, cleanse your body, and much more.

Here are some of my favorite reasons why you should be drinking plenty of this stuff.

1.?Boosting Burn Without Adding Exercise

I?m?not saying that you shouldn?t exercise, but?drinking water can increase the number of calories that your body burns?just doing what you?re already doing.

According to?a study, within 10 minutes of drinking just under 2.5 cups of water, your metabolism is boosted by 30%. The effect lasts for about 30 to 40 minutes.


Every time you eat or drink, your body burns some calories to process the food or beverage.

Water is a?negative-calorie food.?Your body uses up more calories to send the hydration to the cells throughout your body than it takes in when you drink the water.

It can help speed up your metabolism if you?re already taking other measures to lose weight.

water to lose weight

2.?Cut Calories

Drinking water makes your stomach feel full.?You simply don?t have the room to eat a lot of food after that.

A study found that People who drank?extra water?consumed fewer calories: Drinking one extra cup of water a day is associated with eating 75 fewer calories.

Drinking three extra cups of water a day is associated with consuming 225 fewer calories. Cutting 225 calories a day can contribute to losing a half pound a week.

Replacing juices and sodas help to cut back on calories. ?

Coca-Cola contains 140 calories. If you drink two cans of soda each day, replacing them with water can help you?lose an extra pound every 12 weeks?or so.

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3.?Curb Your Appetite

Because?water is an appetite suppressant, drinking it before meals can make you feel fuller, therefore reducing the amount of food you eat.

Have you ever tried drinking a big glass of water when you?re hungry?

Drinking water before meals results in an average reduction in intake of 75 calories per meal that is 27,000 fewer calories per year.

Do the math!

A?2010 study?showed that a group of dieters who drank water before meals lost 44% more weight than the participants who didn?t start their meals with the beverage.

It makes your stomach feel full.?You simply don?t have the room to eat a lot of food after that.

However,?signs of hunger may be indicators that you?re dehydrated. Next time you feel like you have low energy, dizziness or a grumbling stomach, try drinking water before grabbing a snack.

Your body may be trying to tell you that you?re thirsty and not hungry.

If you do drink water before a meal, try to space it out by about 30 minutes.?Too much water in your digestive system can dilute the enzymes that are necessary to help you properly process and absorb the nutrients from your food.

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4. Drinking Ice Water May Boost Your Metabolism

According to studies drinking ?ice cold water could? help boost your metabolism.
How? ?Your body has to work harder to warm the water up, therefore burning more calories and helping you to lose weight.

Some experts however say this theory is simply not true.

Ice cold water is just?so much more refreshing than water that?s room temperature. And if it helps you get more down and could help burn extra calories, then why not?

Just don?t look at it as a miracle weight loss strategy.

water to lose weight

5. Drinking Water May Help You Eat Healthier Foods

Studies show?that people who drink more water tend to have healthier eating patterns in general. These individuals tend to eat more fruits and vegetables than people who drink calorie-laden beverages.

Hydration and healthy eating patterns are also linked to education.

People who know what?s healthy for them are more likely to make better decisions across the board when it comes to their wellness.

6. Water Helps Your Muscles Perform At Their Best

If you don?t drink enough water during physical activity, your performance can suffer. As little as a 2% loss of fluids can have a noticeable effect on your athletic abilities.

So when you?re exercising and sweating, make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and make it easier for your body to perform at its best.

Sports drinks are packed with sodium, preservatives, fake sugars and artificial colors, all of which negatively affect weight loss.

So keep it simple and opt for water, best of all most gyms have water fountains, free is better than your $$$?s spent on sports drink!

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7.?Water Flushes Out Toxins

Your kidneys need water to filter toxins from the body. If the toxins aren?t flushed out, the body holds onto them.

This can cause inflammation, which is linked to obesity.

Higher fluid intake increases the amount of urine that passes through your kidneys, helping to flush toxins from them and supporting normal kidney functions.

It also helps prevent the build-up of minerals which could turn into kidney stones.

Water can also help move stool through the digestive system, which also removes toxins from the system. Without enough water, you may become constipated, leading to bloating and digestive distress.

So if you?ve been treating your kidneys badly and have consumed too many bad things (like alcohol and salt), do them a favor and drink lots of water to give them a good detox flush.

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