WORK THAT ASS: 6 Exercises for a Bubble Butt in Just 21 Days!

If there is one area of my body I love to work on it?s my booty.  Bubble butts and booty trends may come and go, but one thing never goes out of style: a firm, lifted backside. 

I used to feel so uncomfortable and had low self-esteem whenever I used to wear a pair of jeans, but after following the exercises below I am more confident and wear them with pride!

Some people have the lucky genes of growing the perfect bubble butt very quickly, while some have to work just a little bit harder.

However, if you train hard enough it?s easily possible to get that extra little layer of ass!!!

If you are struggling to lose the lumpy cellulite from your butt, then don?t worry. This quick and easy bubble butt workout will help you:

Burn off stubborn fat

Tone even your worst cellulite and

Firm up your booty in just 21 days

Imagine?in just three weeks, you could have a bigger, rounder, firmer butt

The exercises have been hand-picked to focus on the three problem areas of your butt and engage your entire posterior chain (lower back, glutes, and hamstrings).

A lot of people think that squats are the best way to train your derri?re, however if you combine the following exercises you will get your booty results much faster.

The exercises included in this workout will transform your butt into one that is lifted, firmer, and rounder, whilst working your quads, boosting your metabolism and burning fat.

The less fat you have on your butt?the better it will look.

21 Bubble Butt Exercises to get a bubble butt in 21 days.

What Muscles To Work If You Want a Firm Butt

When you think of toning your butt, you may picture the actual butt cheek itself, but there are actually a few different muscles responsible for creating a firm, lifted appearance. There are three muscles that make up your rear:

the gluteus maximus: the largest muscle in you body, which produces the shape of the buttocks and helps with hip and thigh movement.

the gluteus medius: a fan-shaped muscle that assists in hip rotation.

the gluteus minimus: muscle that helps with thigh rotation.

Your hamstrings also extend up towards your glute muscles, making them an important muscle to include in your next butt workout. Hamstrings are a frequently overlooked muscle, but you need strong hamstrings to not only prevent injury to your hips but also create a lean, tight backside.

Let?s kick some ass!



3. Single Leg Glute Bridge

4. Double pulse squats




Developing any muscle takes a little time, effort and discipline.  But once you start to SEE RESULTS, you?ll have all the motivation that you could ever want.

Remember to plenty of high-quality protein.  Protein is the only nutrient that builds muscle.

Equally important, however, is to feed your body with healthy fats and ensure you?re getting enough vitamins, minerals and water.

Booty building is a 24-hour activity.  Ensure that your body has all the resources it needs to grow the bodacious booty you deserve.


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