20 Best Weight Loss Teas of 2020

Who would’ve thought that there were actually teas to help with weight loss?

In fact, there are more teas than you are led to believe.

If you drink tea high in antioxidants, then it is an easy way to lose your belly fat fast.

Detox tea is really popular at the moment.

They are high in nutrients and fat burning substances which block any formation of fat cells.

This allows your body is to break down any stubborn stored fat cells more easily.

You longer you brew the tea, the quicker your liver will work to turn fat into energy.

I was extremely upset with my body and weight, and I didn’t know what to do or where to turn to.

It seemed that I just didn’t have time to cook the right meals or to exercise.

Even though now, I can look back and safely say that I was just looking for the easy option and I was too lazy to do anything.


A friend of mine recommended tea. Yes, tea.

So, I began drinking all different types of tea and the results were incredible.

I have decided to list the 20 best teas for weight loss.

I believe that if you continue to drink these teas you will not only lose weight but will feel less bloated and lose belly fat.

20 of the best weight loss teas available in 2019.

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1. Green Tea

This is probably the most popular tea to drink in accordance with weight loss.

Green tea increases your metabolism but reduces belly fat due to the catechins contents.

Not only that but they boost energy levels which allows you to go hard on your workouts.

To make the perfect cup of Green Tea, simply add boiling water to your cup with the tea bag in and let it brew for 3-4 minutes.

The flavors will release and you will get the full extent of taste.

2. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea has a slightly spicy flavor that is warm and peppery, due to it being made from the roots of the ginger plant.

You can add honey or lemon to it to lessen the rather piquant taste.

Ginger breaks down fat and supports the digestive system.

The fat absorption in your intestines being prevented by drinking this tea will help further prevent weight gain.

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Ginger tea is also known to help with cholesterol levels. It can prevent weight-related illnesses such as heart disease.

Ginger tea breaks down the fats that can clog arteries which cause heart attacks.

Ginger tea increases calorie burning by increasing the body’s average temperature.

It suppresses appetite by activating hormones known as norepinephrine and dopamine.

3. Cinnamon Detox Tea

You should add:

2 tablespoons of ground cinnamon,

1 teaspoon of honey

1 liter of water

Boil the water in a pan and add the cinnamon to it. For 5 minutes, just let it simmer and turn the heat off. Add the honey in and stir well once the mix is cool. Filter the remaining liquid into a cup and divide it into two half-cup quantities.

An hour before breakfast is when you should consume the first half of your drink, and the second half should be consumed half an hour before you go to sleep.

The leftover drink should be put in the refrigerator ready to drink in the morning when you wake up.

Consuming your drink on an empty stomach will enhance the outcome.

It doesn’t just cleanse your body but will help towards your weight loss journey without any changes to your diet.

4. Tumeric and Cinnamon Tea

If you add cinnamon powder or a piece of cinnamon to your turmeric tea, this will enhance the chances of weight loss.

The cinnamon will improve your insulin sensitivity and is a potent antioxidant, so is healthy as well as beneficial to weight loss.


5. Black tea

The results of the deep, rich black hue of the tea comes from the leaves being oxidized.

Assam, Breakfast Teas, Darjeeling and Earl Grey are the most common types of black tea and they are all effective with weight loss aid due to the presence of flavones.

They prevent cardiovascular disease and low body mass index.

6. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea stops cravings, so is good for weight loss.

I would drink this tea when I would find myself wanting to snack in the evenings.

It is actually due to the scent that triggers the feeling of fullness.

The cravings of fatty, salty and sugary foods can make It easy to ditch any diet you might be doing and you’ll then be falling back into old habits.

It is a big part of maintaining a healthy diet if you’re able to control your cravings.


7. Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea boosts your energy levels and the catechins in the tea will enable your body to target any fat cells, so you’re able to lose weight fast.

Due to the mild caffeine content, you will be given a boost that will help you get through your intense workout.

It can be difficult to lose weight when you don’t have the energy to work-out or the discipline to stick to your diet.

Due to the delicious flavor of Oolong Tea, you should be swayed from the cravings of unhealthy treats and desserts.

8.  Pu-er Tea

Being one of the most viral teas that have appeared on the market, there is no doubt as to why.

Once the leaves have been dried, they go through a fermented process.

Pu-erh tea can reduce stress, cleanses toxins and frees radicals, protects bone health, promotes heart health, prevents cancer and the most important thing, is it helps promote weight loss.


9. White Tea

Being the least processed of the teas listed, it is harvested and dried, so all of the healthy chemical compounds within the leaves are preserved.

White tea inhibits the production of new fat cells, which helps towards weight loss.

White Tea is known to be the healthiest teas and the most natural. This makes it more popular due to these facts.

10. Rooibos Tea

Aspalathin, which is contained in Rooibos Tea is responsible for your weight loss benefits.

The use of aspalathin is that is releases a chemical which stops you from feeling hungry.

If you overeat due to anxiety or stress, then this tea can help you with that, too.

Stress can cause rapid weight gain due to the amount the individual will eat.


11. Hibiscus Tea

It is vibrant maroon in color, which definitely makes this tea more attractive.

Even though it has a sweet aftertaste, it does begin with a sour flavor.

It reduces fat stores throughout the body and boosts your metabolism.

This will enable you to maintain a healthier weight and remove stores of fat.

12. Goji Tea

Goji berries are the healthiest of fruits known to man and have lots of antioxidants included in them.

If you drink goji berry tea, it will increase testosterone levels, help you lose weight, protect you from the flu more than any other fruit and stimulate human growth hormones.

They are strong, so be careful when using them and making them into a tea.


13. Ashwagandha Tea

Cortisol, which is the hormone of stress, is also the nemesis of weight loss.

Ashwagandha tea can lower your cortisol levels and prevent the inflammation process which can result in a more efficient and faster weight loss journey.

14. Barberry Tea

Barberry tea includes berberine, which is a natural weight loss supplement.

Not only that, but this tea can fight diarrhoea, help with indigestion and supports your kidney and liver.

Barberry tea is best used rather than fabricated weight loss supplements because the supplements can do organ damage if they aren’t used in the correct way.


15. Dandelion Tea

Due to the richness in Vitamin C, A and K, along with magnesium calcium and potassium.

Dandelion tea can fight inflammation, aid weight loss, reduce cholesterol levels and promote a healthy liver.

16. Yerba Mate

This tea is as strong as coffee but has all of the health benefits of tea along with the euphoria of chocolate.

Yerba tea can boost your immune system, improve mental health and focus, help towards burning stubborn belly fat and help you with performance training.


17. Chai Tea

Chai tea helps to prevent any weight gain and promote fat loss in many different ways.

It is a metabolism booster and energy improver.

So, you’ll be able to fight through your gym work out feeling amazing and knowing that just drinking Chai Tea is made to help you lose weight alone.

18. Matcha Tea

This tea represents ultimate health, and can also boost metabolism which aids in weight loss.

So, not only will you lose weight quickly, but you will feel healthier after drinking it.

It is brewed in the same way as green tea.


19. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea helps to calm and relax your body as well as aiding sleep.

If your sleep is better then your metabolism will work better.

It also has a positive influence on losing weight, so it is best to drink first thing in the morning and just before going to sleep.

20. Green Tea, Bay Leaf and Cinnamon

This tea is delicious in flavors due to the combination of ingredients. 

Boil 800mls of water and allow it to settle. Once it has cooled slightly, add 2 small teaspoons of cinnamon and 3 bay leaves with a full spoon full of green tea (or you could tear open a tea bag). For at least 10 minutes, cover it up to let it brew. It’ll be ready as soon as you’ve drained it.

This tea is amazing for boosting metabolism and is most effective to drink the morning on an empty stomach.

If you want a second cup, ensure that you drink it after breakfast or the last thing before going to bed.


All of these Teas are wonderful for boosting weight loss.

In the summer months when I’m really not in the mood to have a hot drink I make a teacup with boiling water and cool it down with ice.

My absolute favourite weight loss tea from this list is the oolong tea which I have seen the benefit not only me but also members of my family.

I also have seen that having peppermint tea before bed substantially lessens my belly bloat after a large meal. It also helps curb my appetite when I’m looking for a late-night snack


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