15 Best Weight Loss Foods To Eat

The question that everyone seems to want to know the answer of when they decide to take the lifestyle change of eating healthier.

What foods will help me lose weight?!?

In all honesty, the answer isn?t a case of eating one food and you?ve lost a few pounds. You have to make real lifestyle changes that will all make losing weight a bit easier.?

Losing weight isn?t all about eating the correct foods, you also have to implement good sleeping patterns as well as an exercise routine. It all matters.?

The problem is, the reason why most people don?t stick to diets is due to the fact they don?t want to be gnawing on salad and vegetables that really have no flavor. I don?t blame them!?

Although to lose weight in the correct manner, it doesn?t mean you just need to eat salad and vegetables. Including veggies, nuts, grains, and foods that are full of protein, fiber, and other nutrients is a plus.

If you?re able to include a variety of the foods mentioned above, it will help in preventing cravings as well as keeping you fuller for longer.?

You might be wondering as well how certain foods are able to make us lose weight. Well, in fact, certain foods can boost your metabolism while ultimately helps your body to burn fat.?

Here is the list of 15 foods which aid in rapid weight loss?

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Chilli Peppers?

These types of peppers contain a substance called capsaicin which is proven to increase fat burning as well as reduce appetite.?

As if that wasn?t enough, they include powerful antioxidants that have been known to protect your cells from any damage and reduce any inflammation.?

You can even purchase this in capsule form that is labeled as weight-loss supplements.?

If you put chili peppers in the meals you make, it will be more satisfying and could sway you away from adding salt to every meal.


Leafy Greens

This is full of loads of healthy nutrients that your body will thank you for when you?re putting it in your mouth.?

It includes potassium, fiber, iron and even some protein.?

Spinach is mostly known to go into weight losing smoothies, and actually can be quite tasty!

Other leafy greens include collards, kale, swiss chards, and others. They are all low in carbohydrates and calories, which makes them the perfect food to eat while losing weight.?


The great thing about eggs is that they can be used for any meal of the day, including a snack.?

They are low in calories and are actually packed with protein, as well as carrying only about 5 grams of fat.?

You can have eggs in the morning to start your day right or even incorporate them into an omelet at lunch.?

Boiled eggs are perfect for taking out and about with you to snack on if you find yourself to get hungry before mealtime. 

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Chicken Breast?

Not only is chicken tasty, but it is also huge in protein. Eating a fair amount of chicken will help you to maintain muscle mass and reduce body fat in a natural way.

Protein will keep you fuller for longer, which means you won?t have a tendency to want to snack and will help with your cravings throughout the day.?

Chicken is perfect for so many healthy meals and because it?s cheap, it makes it the greatest weight loss alternative.?

This, of course, doesn?t apply to any deep-fried chicken. Plain chicken breast without the skin is how it should best be consumed.?

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If you have a sweet tooth, knowing it isn?t recommended to eat sweet things such as chocolate and cake while watching your weight, can be frustrating.?

Although, it doesn?t need to be as bad as it might originally seem.?

Not only is fruit really healthy, but it is full of vitamins and minerals that are vital for our bodies.?

Fruits also contain fiber, which means that you?ll feel fuller for longer, so having them for a mid-morning and late-afternoon is perfect.?

Pears, berries, kiwi, oranges, passionfruit, and apples are just a few examples of fruits that are high in fiber, creating the best snack.?

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Some fish do have an acquired taste, so don?t feel like you have to go for the strongest stuff.?

Simple, well-known fish such as tuna and salmon are full of protein and unsaturated fats. Adding these into your weekly meal plans will definitely help with weight loss.?

Tuna in spring water instead of brine is the healthier option, especially because it?s extra lean and a low-calorie option.?

Other types of fish such as herring, mackerel, trout, and sardines are great.?

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Nuts and seeds

These contain lots of protein and plant-based fats, so come to the top of the foods for weight loss chart.?

You can easily carry a pot of nuts and/or seeds to snack on through the day, especially if you choose nuts like walnuts, almonds, and cashews.?

Looking at the packet, you might be surprised by how many calories you?ll see that the nuts/seeds contain. Don?t panic! They help massively towards making you feel full, so a small serving will be all you need.?

You can even add them to your breakfast. Chia seeds are well known for being put in oatmeal, or even in your smoothie.?

It has been shown that nuts can promote weight loss and well as improving your metabolic rate.?

Greek yogurt

The FULL FAT option! Yes, that?s right. The original full fat yogurt is great for weight loss.?

If you look at the yogurt with ?fewer sugars?, you?ll see that they actually are a lot higher in added sugars, which will actually put your weight loss to a stop! Getting the low-fat yogurts may even aid in weight gain.?

Full-fat yogurt is full of protein, which means that you?ll feel fuller for longer. You can even add some of the nuts from above to make it even more healthy!?

If you do have a sweet tooth, you could pour some yogurt over fruit, making it the perfect dessert.?

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If you?re the type to skip breakfast, you?ll more than likely find that you?re snacking more throughout the day, which of course, will stop you from losing weight.?

Instead, try and have oatmeal for breakfast. Sit down and have some time to ignite your metabolism to start your morning.

Oatmeal is low in fat but high in protein, as well as being stuffed with minerals like iron.?

All you need is one cup of oatmeal and this is only 166 calories.?

If you?re the type to want sugar with your breakfast, why not try adding some fruit instead.?

Oatmeal releases satiety hormones, makes you feel fuller for longer and increases stomach distention!?

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Cottage cheese

This is high in calcium, protein and vitamin D. It is also made from curdled milk, which can turn quite a few people off from eating it.

100 grams of cottage cheese contains a whopping 12 grams of protein!?

This means that you will maintain any muscle mass as well as lose weight.?

Oolong Tea

Rich in antioxidants, Oolong Tea is known to increase the speed of your metabolism.

?You should avoid adding any artificial sweeteners or sugars, especially because it contains enough caffeine to help with weight management.?

It doesn?t seem to be as popular as green tea, but it has all the same health benefits, if not more. 

Peanut butter

Even though it is great tasting, it can also stop you from snacking as the day goes on due to the high amount of protein.?

Ensure that you check the label to see that it doesn?t have any added preservatives, oils or sugars and is purely made from peanuts only.?

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Almond butter

If you?ve decided to have more apples in your diet, almond butter is the perfect accompaniment.?

Almond butter is high in calcium, fiber and protein, aiding in great weight loss.?

You don?t need to eat a lot of it for you to feel satisfied, and even though one tablespoon contains 100 calories, that?s plenty for the perfect snack.?


These have become more and more popular as time has gone on, and even though they?re high in fiber, they also promote a healthy heart.?

Unlike a lot of other fruits that are high in carbs, avocados are full of healthy fats. They can also contain quite a lot of water and fiber.?

They can be added to salads or even on toast in the mornings to start your day.?

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Apple Cider Vinegar?

You can use this in salads as a dressing or vinaigrette. It has even been known for people to add water to it and drink it.?

However you decide to add it into your diet, it is useful for weight loss.?

Apple cider vinegar can even prevent blood sugar spikes after mealtimes. It is great to add to water in the morning, on an empty stomach to boost your metabolism first thing. It isn?t the best tasting, but it works a treat!


The bottom Line

There are so many different foods that you can add to your weight loss diet, and most of them are whole foods such as legumes, fish, seeds, lean meat, nuts, vegetables and fruits.?

You should also consider regular exercise and eating in moderation. All of the foods listed above should guide you to a successful and healthier life.?

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