10 Morning Habits to Lose Weight

10 Morning habits to lose weight-

There is a quote:

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”

I believe the same thing can be said about losing weight. No matter how small the act is, if you do them consistently, you will see great results in the long run. Need to shed a few pounds? Here are 10 morning habits that will help you lose weight.

1. Stretch Your Body as Soon as You Get Out of Bed

Relieve any tension in your body by stretching as soon as you wake up. This gets the blood flow going and helps your system prepare for a new day. A ten-minute stretching not only conditions your body for what?s up ahead, but it jump starts the calorie burning.

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Have a Protein Packed Breakfast

If you are used to skipping breakfast, you might want to change that habit and start eating a protein packed breakfast like eggs, turkey sandwich, or protein rich smoothies.

This will help curb cravings throughout the day because protein helps decrease your hunger hormones and as a result, you avoid unhealthy snacking in between meals.

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Stay Hydrated

Try to consume at least two glasses of water before 10am. Adequate water intake helps with metabolism and reduces appetite, so get chugging.

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Get Some Sun

The vitamin D that you get from the sun helps your body stay in optimal condition. A few minutes of sunbathing under the morning sun can ward off sluggishness and can help you stay active all throughout the day. Remember, you need to stay active for your body to efficiently burn the calories.

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Quick Workout

If you are used to working out in the afternoon or in the evening, try to do even just the first half of your workout routine in the morning whenever possible.

Studies show that early morning exercise helps regulate your blood sugar and makes you less likely to be tempted to eat junk food later in the day.

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Take a Cold Shower

A lot of people like taking hot showers in the morning but did you know that cold water is better in boosting your energy level? Not only that, it also helps regulate your hormones and keeps your metabolism going.

Meditate and Practice Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness help you connect with your senses and your body?s reactions. Being aware of yourself and surroundings, you are more likely to make sound decisions especially when it comes to your eating habits and overall health.

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Pack Your Own Lunch

Are you fond of eating out during your lunch break at work? Or do you head straight for the burger joint for some unhealthy lunch?

Preparing and bringing your own lunch to eat at work daily can greatly help not just in saving money but more importantly, in sticking to eating healthy food.

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Plan your day ahead

Planning your day helps you avoid unnecessary stress in your life. Did you know that stress is a major cause in weight gain?

This is because the stress hormones can elevate your appetite and when that happens, there is a big chance that you will overeat and gain more weight. By having plans, you lessen the external stressors and you will be able to concentrate more on your overall health.

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Walk/Commute Going to Work

Another thing that you can do is to walk on your way to work. Skip driving your car once in a while so you can exercise and stretch those legs going to the office. If this is not feasible, maybe you can commute half of the way then walk the rest.

Walking for 30 minutes can help burn 90 to 200 calories and even more if you brisk walk so start making this a habit. Aside from the positive health effects, you are also minimizing your carbon footprint which is awesome.

There you go, baby steps that you can do every morning to help you lose weight. These small changes can spark and create a healthier attitude towards your physical health and ultimately, help you achieve your ideal body weight.

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